Welcome to UCMAS Gujarat

Welcome to Gujarat. The UCMAS capital of India. Vadodara is proud to be called the city which hosts the UCMAS India Head Office. It all started in year 2001 when the Karia Family first took the rights of UCMAS for Gujarat. It all began with a humble beginning with the first Centre at Gotri Road, Vadodara and slowly expanded across Gujarat and then to Canada, USA, India, and finally Sri Lanka.

Over the last 20 years, Gujarat students have benefited from this wonderful program being offered from close to 150 centres in the state. A few lac students would have been trained by the course instructors of Gujarat.

How UCMAS can help your child?

  • Improves numerical ability

  • Enhances cognition like concentration, & listening

  • Time management & Multi-tasking improves

  • Memory and visualization power improve

  • It’s a life skill so stays with the child forever

  • Enhanced grasping of academic concepts

  • Problem solving skill becomes sharper

  • Self-confidence gets a boost

  • Improved overall academic results

  • Logical & analytical skills gets enhanced

Award Winning Program